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Why Video Based Marketing Can Send Your Business Skyrocketing

Video Marketing Is The Next Mega Trend

Imagine being able to instantly increase your average website visitor’s stay by 720 percent. Or instead of the average eight second scan of your email before it is discarded, 65 percent of your email recipients viewing a video email from you in its entirety. Now that’s engaging prospects and clients.

It gets better. Think about these statistics:

70 percent of the top 100 search engine results today are video. The number of videos watched online grew 660 percent last year, and 90 percent of all Internet traffic will be video-based, by 2015.

If those numbers aren’t enough to get your mind into high gear thinking about how to tap these trends in your business, then consider that over 1.2 billion people now access the Web on mobile devices and that viewing of mobile video shot up 5000 percent in the last thirty six months alone.

By now anyone who browses the Internet would have also realized that search engines have been prioritizing video over text content. So, it has become crucial that business of any kind or size, whether it’s real estate auction sites or auto dealerships and banks, that three key things are seriously looked at.

1) How to constantly crank out video content;

2) Where to publish the content; and,

3) How to best leverage the content to in your marketing and sales.

We can write a book around content ideas. But if you are not in a position to effectively leverage the content in your marketing and sales, the effort will be far less than optimal.

Start thinking about video email, video auto-responders and video newsletters. Yes there is one such solution now and it’s absolutely stunning.

Live broadcasting and presentations that include video should also become a key part of your marketing, so should mass video syndication over the Web, including to social media sites. I’m not referring to simple or expensive tools that help you to reach ten or 30 sites. It’s time to think big. Reaching 200 sites or more with a click is now at everyone’s fingertips and is a great strategy to help your brand and business be found more easily by your prospects online.

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll cover more ideas about how to use your videos, in future articles. For now, I’d start by writing down (and shooting some) video ideas including quick local market snapshots and updates, property tours, neighborhood tours, team and company clips, client testimonials, Holiday greetings, open house promo videos, new listing videos and so on.

For starters, definitely begin to film and add property videos to your listings whether on or any other sites. Any site of consequence today should offer this option free of charge.



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