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Hello All!

Be forewarned I’m not much of a blogger, or a “typer” for that matter so please buckle up and get ready for a lot of typos, exclamation points and use of the term “Exceptional” but hopefully also peppered with some beneficial real estate knowledge!

My team has been telling me for a while that I personally need to do more blogging for the site and share some of my personal real estate investment experiences and strategies.

With me focusing the last several years specifically on purchasing owner financed income producing properties, I thought that this would be the best topic for me to start with and one of the areas that I can add the most EXCEPTIONAL knowledge and expertise.

I travel all around the country to most of the BIG real estate investor and agent events and I truly have NEVER met anyone that does the strategy in the way that I do it, and in truth since 2011 across the board with my strategy specifically on owner carry properties I have averaged a greater than 30% cash on cash ROI!  This is because to some extent we throw conventional wisdom out the door, and we only focus on one thing “CASH-FLOW”.    The property that we purchase simply becomes more of a vessel to create an exceptional cash on cash ROI, almost like an ATM more-so than looking at it as the typical brick and mortar investment some do.

I have added the youtube to this post and you can see an actual example of how it works, the youtube is almost 3 yrs old so I probably need an updated one made but I still believe it gets the point across and it directly explains how we can take a 12% ROI and instantly turn it in to a 33% ROI with the same property, and the same purchase price AND with the same overall revenues generated by that same investment property.

Yes I know what you might be thinking, he finally writes his first blog post and cops out with a youtube instead!  Either way I sincerely hope there is some exceptional info there that you find at least somewhat enjoyable, and anyone that comes across any Owner Financed real estate opportunities please send them to me as I almost certainly would at least want to make an offer on the properties!

If you have a property that you would like to send to me that can be purchased with owner financing, or you have interest in partnering on some of our owner carry basic properties that we see then you can please email me HERE – -



  1. Great article! Real estate auction websites are a great place to find some of the best deals on foreclosed homes. Visit for helpful insights and more information.

  2. Stephan –
    I am not quite following. You want to buy properties from an owner who will hold the note? . . . or you want to to buy properties where the owner already is holding the note (in other words, buying the note basically). Let me know. Mike

  3. Thanks!

    We buy properties that are owned by the current free and clear owner who then provides us with owner financing. Thus we own the properties with a lien against the properties from the entity that we bought them from.

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