New Investor? 5K Fun Race For Charity

Hello All,

This might sound a bit silly but it is something I have really been wanting to do and thinking about off and on for many years now and I believe that now is as good a time as any.  Most of the group members know I am an active real estate investor and also the founder of  You likely do NOT know I also have been an avid runner for many years and love competing in shorter 5K, 10K and half marathon races.  (Kudos to any of you superstars out there actually doing a REAL full marathon!)

As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit whenever I have ran these races I often thought how fun it would be to put on a race myself and of course give the proceeds to a worthy cause.

I actually tried to look in to it a few times over the years, but the only little minor issue with that is I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT WHATSOEVER!=)  Not only that but I have searched and searched and to my amazement there is seemingly not any companies out there you can pay to set up and organize your running event.  Having noted that little detail I highly recommend anyone responding to this report considering that as a side business as your competition would be minimal!

So after all of my rambling here the main point of this post is to tell you that we at ListedBy strongly want to put on a 5K fun race to benefit a worthy cause and we NEED YOUR HELP to do it.

We are looking for someone that has race/event planning experience that can assist in locating the race location, setting it up with the city, and coordinating all aspects of the “on-the-ground” event itself.  Our expertise is marketing so we will use our contacts with our advertising partners to get the sponsorship for the race and get the event exposure to our 650,000 members of our website so we can have a great turnout hopefully.  We also need and want as many volunteers as possible.  The race coordinator can be volunteer or for the right person we could be open to paying a fee from my own pocket on this.

The second thing we would really like to get the opinion of the group on is what type of charity could benefit the most.  I personally have always supported and been thankful for St. Judes and they seem to be really well run, but since we are in real estate we have been trying hard to think of any good real estate related charities we could send proceeds to.  Even if you can’t volunteer or attend the race your opinions on that are more appreciated than you may know and really do help as finding the best and most worthy cause I am sure is everyones top priority.  Thanks again to all of you that took the time to read this and I am excited to hear your opinions and hopefully see you all at the race when we have it set up!

Stephan Piscano


  1. I am an active runner and triathlete (age group only). If located in a nearby area, I would happy to volunteer and help with the race organization. I work with a coach who is a former olympian (bronze medal) and could network to identify a race coordinator here in the Denver area. If I can help, feel free to contact me.

  2. First please know that I am not a runner. However I would love for you to consider Muscular Distrophy as your charity. I have a precious nephew who was diagnosed at three years old. He is currently in tests to as there really needs to be a cure. Research is so expensive. But as he and all they other little children need a miracle, money is needed for the research. If interested I will be glad to pass this info along to my nephew’s Mom and Dad who are avid marathon runners and they will be able to certainly advise on the run as well as really apprectiate the money going to MDA. Thank you for your consideration!

  3. I am in real estate brokerage and educator.
    I have co chaired annual walk for Lupus Foundation NJ chapter along with other events. I have speerheaded homless projectS for oh so needed adults and ch ildren ministries in inner city in NJ..I know what needs to be done
    You are welcome to reach out to me..Good people..good cause..always willing to lend an ear and roll up sleeves. The rewards are priceless.

  4. I´m a real estate agent in Portugal and a former World Class runner, 2 Olympics, 2x World Champion, 3x Eur. Champion and holding the World Record 3.000 mts for 12 years; check in Wikipedia. My husband coached and trained me for 20 years. He has experience in organizing, organized in 1993 World Championships Cross Country for Military with 44 countries. He can maybe give you some tips from a distance.

  5. I am so excite to see this post. I have been passionate in doing this very project. I am a Ultra-Marathon Runner, I have put on race events with Gladiator Events, I am a committee member with ACT-Today! They would welcome this project with open arms. Please consider me for this job. I will do it for free!

  6. Consider your target audience for placement. Hold a race in 5 regions of the US. Put on a race and a walk, barbeque or other food fundraiser, and a large ticketed concert with national acts. We can put together a team for your project including sponsored advertising/marketing campaigns, local volunteers, permits, etc., anywhere in the US at no cost to you.

  7. Im looking to meet sponsor for charity builders and resort developments since im the coordinators and non profit volunteers organizers in Philippines connected with all defferent kinds of N. G . O if you can provide a pocket allowance i can organized it quickly since i can ask donors of land.Only funders we need as im doing fund raising now using realty and networking.

    Reynalda Oporto
    JBI ID # 3089

  8. I am not a runner. I work with event planners to create “an experience”. A friend of mine suggested Second Chance (Baltimore). It is a non-profit that deals with real estate and job training programs (helps people get back on their feet). I have never participated in a race, but I can help out. Take care.

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