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Social Media In Business – Solving The Dilemma

social media for business

One might argue that figuring out social media for business in one short article is impossible.  The opposing side would fervently insist that clarity around the fundamental purpose of social media is all it takes to accomplish the task. And that it can be done with a single sentence. I favour the latter camp. Details on how each platform works ...

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Real Estate 360 Radio’s Lori Greymont Interview With ListedBy’s Stephan Piscano

lori greymont photo

In an extended interview on Real Estate 360 Radio, ListedBy’s founder and CEO Stephan Piscano shares key information about the online auction movement and discusses specifics related to With transparency and low cost environments being key drivers for buyers and sellers to explore auctioning residential or commercial real estate assets online, Stephan, an accomplished property investor in his own ...

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Making The Difference: How To Spot A Good Comps Tool

real estate tools

An indispensable tool for real estate professionals looking to estimate the current market value of a property, comparables have definitely experienced a growth spurt in terms of popularity. But as is the case with pretty much every online service, not all comparables tools are as efficient and accurate as they claim to be. So how do we know how to ...

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Furman Investments To Sell Domain Name on ListedBy


It’s certainly a milestone to see high value intellectual property assets related to real estate, but not exactly property, notes or timeshares, get auctioned on ListedBy. Here is the full announcement. “NAPA, Calif. – Oct. 09, 2013 – ListedBy (, the first free online real estate marketplace and social network with live bidding residential and commercial public real estate auctions ...

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How To Make Your Real Estate Website Rank Well In Search Engines

online marketing strategy

Okay, so you’ve done several things already to make your online business successful.  You have your own real estate website, you are using listing syndication to distribute your listings as extensively as possible, and you’ve maybe showcased your profile and your listings on a couple of powerful real estate listing websites. But there’s another important thing that requires your attention. ...

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How to Market Your Listings Online – 4 Key Tools

market your listings online

According to the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 90% of buyers use the Internet when searching for a home. This brings us to the question agents probably ask themselves constantly: Am I doing everything I can to showcase my homes and sell my listings online? While it’s true that there are many gadgets out ...

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How To Adapt To An Increasingly Tech-Driven Industry: Get Mobile

mobile real estate websites

No doubt about it: mobile technology helps us save time and increase productivity; and while some industries may not see an immediate need to turn to such technological advancements, savvy real estate agents know better. With both buyers and sellers now having access to countless ways of researching properties and inspecting the local real estate market, agents often have to ...

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Low Inventory Drives U.S. Real Estate Prices Higher By 11.9% In June

low real estate inventory

Low real estate inventory, including distressed assets, was a key catalyst to a nearly 12 percent increase in property prices across the U.S. in June, compared to the same month last year, according to CoreLogic. Prices also increased by 11 percent, excluding distressed assets, which reflects an overall low impact of distressed asset inventory on prices. This would be the ...

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Building A Brand In The PPC / PPL Era

build a brand online

No matter how hard anyone tries to convince themselves, the same people who look at their computer screens or smart phones today are the same people who would have spent that same time watching TV or listening to the radio, a few years back. They react the same way and internalize information the same way. So the base a brand ...

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