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Single-Family Vs Multi-Family

Comparing Single-Family Homes to Multifamily Investments Reference Alexis Hammond on November 7, 2014 in Property Management Software With CD interest rates historically low, investing in real property is highly appealing today. Deciding whether to invest in single-family homes or multi-family housing properties is a topic that is heavily debated. There are definite advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of ...

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Are All Real Estate Agents Targets For Suspicious Activity?

Suspicious calls being made to commercial and residential real estate agents Reference/Credit Alison Bologna, NBC 10 Money Watchers Real estate signs can give away a lot about a person. News, Weather and Classifieds for Southern New England “It’s not terribly alarming these days to occasionally hear these kinds of stories,” said Gil Diniz, of Prestige Realty Experts. Stories about people ...

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Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

Safety Tips Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know By Deanna Lawley on the blog While 90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process, nothing replaces the experience of an open house or a showing. Selling the home is the ultimate goal, but your own safety should be your primary focus when meeting with these potential ...

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Better to buy with cash or use leverage?

ListedBy CEO Stephan Piscano outlines examples of how using leverage to buy real estate almost always increases your ROI in this youtube video below.   We always try to add knowledge and value to our members and this is the same strategy Piscano and partners have used to generate an average ROI of above 27% since 2011! We hope you ...

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Some REAL Huanted Houses That Were Listed On MLS

The Real “American Horror Story” House in L.A. Reference hookedonhouses  On this most spooky of days those of us in real estate might be wondering about how many “Haunted Houses” we’ve actually been in through the years.  Here is one of those houses that was the REAL deal and went on the markets in 2012, complete with all the listing ...

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Top Tips For Marketing Your Home To Sell FAST!

Guide to sell your home fast, with tips! by Lisa Ross cedited writer ‘I think selling techniques are basically the same in every country, except there are different cultures that have different methods of negotiation. There should always be place for negotiations… But real estate is the same, whether it happens to be in Australia or if it happens to ...

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Robin Williams Dies


Robin Williams, a comic and sitcom star in the 1970s who became an Oscar-winning dramatic actor, died Monday at 63 in Marin County. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said he appears to have committed suicide. The news of the beloved actor’s death rocked the nation. Channels broke into their usual programming to make the announcement, and within minutes, he dominated ...

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Industry Giant Zillow Buys Trulia, WOW


It’s my pleasure to let you know we have just announced that Trulia has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Zillow. You can read the full press release here: This combination sets the stage for us to offer even more real estate tools and services to empower consumers and drive even more business to local brokerages ...

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Green Tips, Real Estate Investors

Making your home green sounds like an excellent idea, and in many ways, green homes appear to be a step individuals can take to help fight global warming. But when you dig deeper, you may begin to realize that consumerism has pushed its way into the greening movement to such an extent that it’s difficult to figure out whether many ...

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Online Real Estate Auctions Boosting The Detroit Commercial Real Estate Market

More greater downtown Detroit buildings have been selling lately through what was once a nontraditional source, the online auction. It might be a sign of the times, or somehow specific to Detroit, but there have been some high-profile recent examples. These aren’t tax foreclosure auctions but private ways of selling for owners tired of listing in the traditional way. The ...

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