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ListedBy Launches Blog

listedby launches blog

It was only a matter of time before we launched the ListedBy Blog. The auction segment is growing rapidly and, more and more REALTORS® are moving to learn about auctions to add to their marketing toolkit and differentiating expertise. One of the biggest shifts that ListedBy is driving in the real estate auctions market segment is the move to an ...

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Unlock Your Unique Value Proposition (Part 2)

unlock your unique selling proposition

Everyone would like to have a powerful and effective Unique Value Proposition. This article offers steps to guide you through the process. Getting a clear understanding of what a “Unique Value Proposition” is can be very helpful, but pinning yours down can be quite the task. Typically, an advertising agency is the best route to get such work done. In ...

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Unlock Your Unique Value Proposition

unlock your unique selling proposition

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. In fact, you would be pleased to know that some ‘professional’ marketers often don’t know what it really means. Some, including a few veterans I know, give up on the concept entirely at some point in their career and pull back to focus on product or service attributes. Big mistake. A ...

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Real Estate Marketing? Stake Your Claim

stake yur claim

Like you, I struggle with the idea that to succeed, a real estate professional is expected to be an expert in all aspects of business. Brokers and agents are bombarded with all kinds of training they ‘must’ take, coaching they ‘need’, technology seminars they ‘have’ to attend, ‘must-go-to’ conferences, marketing this, SEO that and so on. It’s overwhelming and in ...

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