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Why Some Agents Get All The Calls

why some real estate agents get tons of calls

Imagine that you have a Bentley you want to sell. The car has been parked for a year, kid stuff on the back seat. Cleats, some dirt, coloring pens and paper, and fast food wrappings. In the front, some used up tissue paper still sits in the console area, the sun glasses nearby and the phone charger dangles. Before you ...

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What’s Moving Us Towards A Seller’s Market?

is it a sellers market

An interesting conversation with the owner of a well established property management and turnkey investment property firm in Indiana struck a cord with me earlier today. Not that his question was earth shattering or novel, but that it came from someone with that much experience in his market. This gentleman said, happy to have recently managed to acquire one more ...

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The Freeway To Listing Data – Foreclosures, Auctions And Otherwise

finding listing data

What is mind boggling is that we as an industry have struggled for years trying to figure how to move distressed inventory. Mind boggling because we have consistently hid the data behind cumbersome registration pages and access fees, and charged huge buyer premiums at auctions. To think that these are all strategies designed to move inventory is somewhat hard to ...

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