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Hot Deal Or Hot Property – What Drives Your Buying Decision?

An Older Home On A Newer Street May be The Right Investment But Not The Right Choice For You

Talk about testing your emotions. And your relationship with your lifetime partner.

You set a certain budget and know more or less the general areas you’d like to move in to. What you can’t control all the time is the choices that follow. Your REALTOR sets out to find and filter out some possibilities, and you go on the usual online search spree to add to the basket of choices. You also find some foreclosures listed on a public real estate auctions site, and add them to the pot for good measure.

Next comes the drive-by adventure. You come across one of the homes you had liked online, and indeed it looks stunning. Brand new, near schools and transit, and it satisfies many of your other parameters. Most important of all, you know the brand new stainless appliances await, two fireplaces are in stock and the counter tops are beautiful granite and in your favourite colour. That’s the house indeed.

Something nags you though, as the other homes on the street seem quite old. You’re not certain if the general surroundings are exactly what you had hoped for. Surely you could grab one of those older properties for half the price if any went on sale. So the question becomes whether your investment is being made in the right place.

You drive to the next property on your list and lo and behold, you pull into this really nice area with great landscaping and a good community feel. Many new or newer homes on the street, but the one you were looking at still stands from the dear old days it was built. Obviously very well cared for though.

You guessed the dilemma. This house sits in a great neighborhood but is unlikely to offer many of the things you desire. Like the walk-in closet and the shiny new kitchen island. Or the open layout concept. The floors may also not be fresh hardwood. In fact you may have to contend with some weird colour carpeting and wall paper until the renovations you must do are completed. A year or two down the line.

Which of the two homes would you choose to invest your dollars and the next many years in? Which of the two would be the better investment and the better move?

The older street may be due for some tear downs and new build outs. In time, the entire street will get upgraded and the value of your property would be supported along the way. But that’s never a guarantee. Some neighbours may decide to sit on their childhood property, as is, for another 20 years. It’s a gamble. Meanwhile though your home is the best looking one on the street, and you get to live in the house of your dreams.

On the newer street, you get to live in a superb neighborhood where your investment is more likely to hold up and grow, especially if you completely renovate or rebuild the house in the future. In the interim however, you must compromise on the quality of the house you’ve always dreamed of, and you become known as the one who lives in the old house.

This is when I run away from both options and look for a happy medium. Or simply give up the entire thing and hunker down for another couple of years until I can afford a larger budget.

When buying a home, always discuss and decide on your top priorities first. Why are you moving to begin with? What drives you? When we last moved, we really needed to get away from the neighborhood.

Is it a newer neighborhood that you most desire where you may compromise on the home itself a bit, or is it the home that drives you and you’re willing to get into a slightly inferior neighborhood but in an overall good area? Knowing your priorities from the start should minimize surprises, control stress levels a bit, and set your expectations right.

Some investment gurus suggest the older home on the newer street is the better bet. But can you emotionally deal with that and put your dream home aspirations on hold?

Check out some properties in your area that are being sold through online auction. Which would you instinctively want to bid on? The hot deal or the hot property?

If you’re lucky, and patient, you’ll find some that offer the best of both worlds.


Why Some Agents Get All The Calls

Imagine that you have a Bentley you want to sell. The car has been parked for a year, kid stuff on the back seat. Cleats, some dirt, coloring pens and paper, and fast food wrappings. In the front, some used up tissue paper still sits in the console area, the sun glasses nearby and the phone charger dangles. Before you advertise it online, you walk into your garage with a your iPhone, and in the shade of the walls, the car having gathered decent amounts of dust and mud from the last few rides she had been on, you take a couple of photos. One of the inside, the other of the outside.

Back at your computer you upload that photograph and make your posting on your preferred sites.

Now help me understand how you’d expect a buyer to get excited about your car, with all this negligence put in to showing it off? If the concern is not the condition of the car, it is the upkeep of the car. That is if any of the images look clear enough, to begin with. Remember lighting was dim at best when you walked in.

Next to your car posting there are another 3 Bentleys, all sparkling clean, enticing. Each comes with 25 shiny photos of a polished, well cared gem, interior even cleaner. The prospective buyers get this uplifting feeling just flipping through the photos, zooming in to view things in detail, enabled through the well lit, high resolution shots. A video of the vehicle is also set up, to make things even more appealing. The buyers then get set to make a call to inquire further or come down for a test drive.

Meanwhile you sit for days or months wondering why your car isn’t selling. And, if you get the adhoc call, you get frustrated with wholesale agents only calling and trying to low ball you.

Well you answer that one yourself. This morning right on ListedBy I came across a 1.2 million dollar asset listing, with a single photo of the entire project, taken off of a another photo print sitting on the kitchen counter. You could easily tell, because part of the counter was showing in the posted image.

The description of the project was weak at best, yet the seller’s agent expects people to hound them with offers.

This is not the only listing on a real estate website with a single, bad photo, and worse descriptions and details. You see them all over the place on the Web.

Folks, this complacency simply does not work in the world of sales, never mind one that involved assets worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and where the competition is, at best, fierce. Even if you’re marketing REO Auctions or public real estate auctions, marketing an asset adequately is the difference between selling it or not, the ultimate asset value, and your commissions.

We have posted research about the importance of photos several times in this Forum and on the ListedBy Blog. It’s a no brainer. Why I won’t link to these articles to make it easy for some, is for good reason.

For those feeling guilty right now, it’s time to get that camera out, and do your work like a professional. Things will change faster than you think. The effort will always prove to be worthwhile.

In fact right now, I feel a smidgen embarrassed to release an article such as this one. But it just feels like all else has failed and it’s time to tell it like it is. The actions, and non actions of every agent affect not only their sales and business, but the reputation of our industry. Everyone must pull their weight to move us forward. Professional representation is a mandatory step.

ListedBy Launches Real Estate Service Provider and Agent Ratings

ListedBy Service Provider Ratings

We’re quite excited to release the ListedBy Service Provider star and feedback ratings system. To those who excel in their profession, such systems put in the hands of the consumer is a welcome event and a new path to more business.

For those who do not desire such systems, it’s a path to challenging and boosting current practices.

As an industry as a whole, such systems will bring new levels of transparency that can only help further enhance public perception and professionalism.

Here is the full announcement issued to the press earlier today, for our readers’ convenience:

ListedBy Launches Real Estate Service Provider and Agent Ratings

ListedBy (, the first free online real estate marketplace and social network with live bidding public real estate auctions and ‘Buy Now/Best Offer’ functionality now enables members to publish and share feedback, recommendations and rate service providers listed on, in real time.

The system reflects ListedBy’s goal to provide its members with everything they need to be successful in real estate both before, and after the transaction. Registered users on can use the site’s Service Providers area to research services and related companies by state, and now rate providers including real estate brokers and agents using a five star rating system.

Users can also offer detailed feedback and recommendations on the same page, and share their feedback through email and social media with a single click, including on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others.

“From free access to rental and for sale property data, REO auctions and traditional listings, to clearly identifying the true listing agent and their contact information, to publicly displaying bids, bid history and bidders, to now agent and real estate related service provider ratings and feedback, ListedBy continues to move towards accelerating the real estate process through transparency and better access to information,” said Stephan Piscano, CEO and Founder, ListedBy.

“The time currently wasted at any stage of real estate buying and selling is unacceptable, as is the level of transparency on many real estate auction and traditional property portals, especially in this day and age. Everything that we do at ListedBy is designed to move the industry towards a higher level of efficiency,” added Piscano.

Concluded Piscano: “People who get exceptional service are always happy to spread the word. We’re introducing tools that make it easy for ListedBy members to share their experience and opinion, which benefits their service provider and works to drive higher levels of service in the industry.”

Service Provider pages on ListedBy have also been upgraded as virtual miniature Web sites, to further enhance service provider exposure and branding to ListedBy’s growing audience.

ListedBy launched its Service Providers module in January. The self-managed, self-populated free directory is designed to give users convenient access to information on local real estate related services across the United States.

Traffic on is expected to surpass 60,000 unique visitors for March 2013, with visitors spending an average of over five minutes on the site.


When Property Advertising Gets Aggressive – Compliment or Curse?

Man fixing the knot of his striped blue tie.

Compliment Well Received. Problem Solved.

You know a site is hot when advertisers try to push the envelope. They run the same property ad multiple times so they’re always at the top of the views. Many also hire inexpensive overseas labour to stay on top of their listings and ensure they flood each site with their properties each day. Mainly those that generate the best and most leads.

New York got a special treatment from Craigslist a few years back, if you recall. It became the first city where Craigslist real estate posters would have to pay to advertise their listings. A reasonable and smart play by Craigslist, since listing duplication in New York got unbearable.

While the practice spoke tons to Craigslist’s power to generate leads, it affected user experience and annoyed honest brokers and agent – and consumers. Well, that happily turned into a new revenue stream for Craigslist. A nice turn of events indeed. today turned on a new tool that enables its admin staff to not only halt user accounts that push the envelope on the site, but also to delete all previously added listings by the entity. REO auctions, public real estate auctions and otherwise.

Since ListedBy is a free site, we opted to go this route to neutralize all the effort and expense the user goes through to create their account and post and re-post listings, than to start charging honest users for posting.

That’s how we chose to go about it and it seems to be working.

Shrewd advertiser #1 down, a few others to go. Thanks for the compliments anyhow.

Traffic to ListedBy hit 35,000 unique visitors in February and is on track to hit nearly 50,000 this month.  Anyone can and is invited to add their listings for free. Just start a free profile then click on Sell on the blue menu bar at the top of the page to add listings.

On behalf of our management team, I want to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal users and industry followers for their support as we too push the envelope in real estate.  But in a good way.

What’s Moving Us Towards A Seller’s Market?

Low Interest Rates Should Continue To Drive Inflation and Asset Prices Higher

An interesting conversation with the owner of a well established property management and turnkey investment property firm in Indiana struck a cord with me earlier today.

Not that his question was earth shattering or novel, but that it came from someone with that much experience in his market.

This gentleman said, happy to have recently managed to acquire one more property: “What is it that is turning the market into a seller’s market? Could it be the hedge funds scooping up inventory, or bank and government agency strategies manufacturing a supply / demand imbalance to drive prices higher?”

It could be both of course, his next thought was. Mine as well, like everyone else.

What is difficult to determine though is which of the two is the primary catalyst.

Add to those a sustained Federal reserve strategy of low interest rates, to ensure that this part of the equation poses no obstacle to what seems to many to be a structured recovery.

How long these low rates can be maintained before something awry happens is anyone’s guess. The Feds said till 2015, for now. Any solid indication of an improving economy, fundamentally, can change that. After all, the Fed’s only chance of raking it in on the billions and trillions of extra liquidity and asset purchases would be through a rise in interest rates.

Until the market can sustain a rate increase on its own, the Fed is stuck. It can’t increase rates because players would default. It would not only lose its profit potential, but its initial loans too. It can’t keep rates this low forever either, because inflation will gain further momentum, with potentially extreme repercussions and lasting, undesirable effects.

As long as the current rates strategy is maintained, inflation will drive real estate prices higher. Investors know this and are scooping everything they can get their hands on.

For the banks and large distressed asset holders, it’s a dream come true, as they slowly release inventory at more advantageous prices.

Whether it’s one or the other, all catalysts that seem to be driving the market also seem to be here to stay. For now. Keep it going for a while longer and we’d clearly be in a full fledged seller’s market.

For those looking to chime in and acquire assets, tough as it may be, there are still some out there, and the market remains relatively attractive. I suggest a quick drive by for starters, or other similar sites, and look for REO auctions and other public real estate auctions. Even a few $1 starting bid deals, while harder to come by, still do come by.


The Making Of A Millionaire – How To Benefit From Public Real Estate Auctions

You Eat An Elephant One Bit At A Time

You eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Often, having a clear vision and the courage to start working towards an opportunity is what stands between man and his or her ultimate goal. With a little bit of study and appetite for some risk, the goal may in fact be closer than one might think.

The first order of business is to spot the opportunity. The next order of business is to remove anyone from sight who’s job seems to discourage us from moving forward. This is frequently the reason why most people freeze. In his famous The Law of Success in 16 Lessons book, the success bible, Napoleon Hill specifically discusses how you must keep your chief aim shielded from others who are likely to challenge or resist it. Even your spouse. Take this as law in achieving the success that you want, even though it is contrary to all the modern guru teachings that you must publish your goals far and wide so you may be more committed to achieving them.

In real estate, an opportunity of a lifetime came to those who saw a buying window when everyone ran the other way in 2008, 2009 and even up until last year. Those who made the move and acquired as much property as they could, boarded or not, with spouse approval or not, are on a different plane now. We all know where these investments stand today. Up some 20-25 percent in the past year alone, in many states and cities across the US. They hopped on the Web and onto online auction sites to grab REO auctions, government real estate auctions, residential real estate auctions, commercial real estate auctions, you name it. Some flipped them right away while others rehabbed and held the assets for rental income with high annual cash on cash returns unlike we’ve seen for decades.

The biggest complaint circling the sector today is lack of inventory, especially distressed assets. Whether that’s in Detroit, Las Vegas or any other market.

The next time I come across a hot deal in Detroit or otherwise, boarded or not, shabby or not, I’m jumping on it. That’s just what I did earlier today, when opportunity presented itself. I bid on five residential properties in Detroit on, going for just tens or mere hundreds of dollars to anyone willing to take on just a few thousand dollars of back dues taxes. A great deal if you ask me. At worst, the land will always be there for me or my kids to farm someday. Each will have their profiting strategy. Some will resell the assets immediately for a bit of profit, taxes still unpaid. Others will hold till values increase, then sell at that time, still passing due taxes to the next investor. Yet others might pay due taxes in order to obtain title insurance, rehab the properties and rent them for regular cash flow. That is, if the neighborhood and overall conditions are adequate, an insurance provider is willing to provide the service in the area, and the risk of another round of vandalism of the property has been well considered. Risks are out there and professional advice and due diligence on any investment is always necessary.

But first I must win those bids. Some astute investors seem to have spotted the same properties. Until then, I’ll keep scouting the site for more. Here great deals still do come by.

I also like it here not just because of my obvious bias towards ListedBy, but because I also don’t need to pay registration and technology fees like on most other auction sites. Nor do I have to contend with buyer premiums like most everywhere else. Here it’s all free. So each bite I take at my goal, goes further. In English? More dollars in my pocket to go towards buying more assets (with or without spousal approval), instead of handing them to the auctioneer.

There you have it. That’s one of my paths. I’m pulling ahead in the game of real estate just one small bite at a time, until the elephant is in the bag.





The Freeway To Listing Data – Foreclosures, Auctions And Otherwise

Open Access To Data and Buyer/Seller Information

What is mind boggling is that we as an industry have struggled for years trying to figure how to move distressed inventory. Mind boggling because we have consistently hid the data behind cumbersome registration pages and access fees, and charged huge buyer premiums at auctions. To think that these are all strategies designed to move inventory is somewhat hard to believe. Open access rather, should be the path.

To top it all, many consumer portals and sites have made it tough for buyers to connect with listing agents or sellers, by giving preferred placement to their own internal agents next to the listing, if that’s their business model. Others featured and continue to feature alternative agents based on a paid advertising model, in the process keeping the true representing agent who knows the seller and the property best, and can answer questions more swiftly and accurately, at bay and harder to reach.

Such and other practices have either delayed or outright derailed potential transactions, and to this day continue to hinder wider, more efficient buyer participation so the assimilation of inventory may proceed at a more healthy pace.

We’re excited to announce that we have unlocked access to all listings on ListedBy, specifically because giving real estate buyers and sellers immediate and open access to listings and to each others’ contact information is core to ListedBy’s vision for the site and the industry as a whole. We see this as becoming the norm for all real estate property portals and real estate auction companies.

As always, we appreciate our users’ feedback and suggestions. Giving everyone instant access to all listings on once again is the results of your valued input. Now anyone can research MLS listings across the country, residential and commercial. The same goes for all distressed properties including REO auctions, government real estate auctions, residential real estate auctions, commercial real estate auctions and all other public real estate auctions and Buy Now/Best Offer listings that are active on


Rock Star Closer Radio Interview With’s Stephan Piscano


Ryan Stewman’s Ryan Stewman goes into details about ListedBy and public real estate auctions and residential real estate auction, in a radio interview with Stephan Piscano  first broadcast February 20, 2013.

Listen to the interview >>>>


Transparency In Real Estate – Key Message at SJREI Mid-Peninsula Meeting

The Three Pillars Of Change

The main message we delivered through our presentation (SJREI021313) at the SJREI (San Jose Real Estate Investors) two days ago was that transparency, or its lack thereof, is a critical catalyst that is preventing the industry from being what it can be, and the real estate professional, agent or investor, from being as efficient and productive as they should be. The underlying force being that a new paradigm shift in real estate is in underway, fueled by consumer insight, powered by technology and new business models.

We stressed and showed how these models will threaten the existence of organizations, large and small, that refuse to notice the oncoming change and tune in to new consumer expectations in how the real estate business is handled, especially online.

This would include real estate auction companies and real estate auction sites, sites that enable REO auctions and real estate government auctions, and organizations dealing in any shape or form with public real estate auctions or foreclosures and distressed property data and listings.

Notwithstanding, regular consumer portals were discussed in the same context, be it publicly traded companies or startup. That the threat is real.

The good news was that the undercurrent also brings with it potentially huge opportunities for those same organizations who tune in to the change and adapt, as many have magnificently done over the years.

Within the context of a session meant to explain to experienced real estate investors what is, we took the path of focusing on industry concerns that when addressed by platforms and open environments such as, should result in far greater efficiencies (operational and cost) and productivity for the investor and anyone engaged in the buying and selling of real assets. This, on the premise that all technology we elect to deploy in business is meant to enhance one or the other, in some shape or form.

The paradigm shift would consist of three key pillars with transparency at its core. From these new levels of transparency, the benefits far greater efficiencies and productivity will be drawn. Lack of transparency, today a detriment to economic growth and sales productivity will be replaced with an environment where full transparency is an expectation. Vis:

- Open access to listing data, REO, distressed and regular assets included. Hiding data behind cumbersome registration pages and fees will no longer be an option.
- Actual listing reps featured. The challenge of not being able to instantly see who the true seller or representative is, and not being able to access their contact information, will do more damage to the site or portal exercising such a strategy, than it would do them good.
- Bidding and bidder transparency. Shil bidding (bidding that is used to artificially inflate the price of a certain item), and transparency in being able to see who is bidding and who wins a bid, will become the norm.
Improved cost efficiencies would be delivered in a number of forms including:
- Free auctions
- Free access to listings
- No buyer premiums
- No registration fees
- No brokerage fees

We have a long way before everyone buying and selling real estate realize how deep the benefits of transparency would run within an organization, and how much of a boost in operational and sales productivity such transparency and access to information can drive.

If participant feedback at the session was any indication, the thinking behind is definitely something more and more real estate professionals will be gravitating to.

ListedBy Executives To Discuss Industry Paradigm Shift At SJREI Mid-Peninsula Meeting

A Paradigm Shift Is Underway

A number of intriguing and puzzling operatus morandi continue to hold back our industry. Some are key to the less than stellar perception the real estate profession has suffered for decades. Others directly anchor the entire industry so hard and prevent it from healing as fast as it should or can. The status quo in many areas of the real estate business is also directly affecting property values and, in our opinion, the level of trust that the industry deserves. This includes the general consumer real estate market, the public real estate auctions market, REO auctions and government auctions segments.

On the opposite side of the spectrum lies a major undercurrent. One that is underway. A shift that is building moment so strong that it stands to change everything. It will shake companies from the very small to the very large, and create new opportunities that those same companies can adopt and grow, or ignore and sink.

ListedBy executives Stephan Piscano and Roger Noujeim will be at the San Jose Real Estate Investor (SJREI) Mid-Peninsula Meeting on Tuesday February 19, 20113 to keynote an address around these issues and highlight the opportunity that is before us today.

If you are in the San Francisco, San Jose or Foster City areas, or nearby, we hope that you can join us for a discussion that promises to raise awareness around key concerns every real estate professional must pay attention to, and ignite thought that will drive change for years to come.

When: February 19, 2013. 6:30 PM

Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel. 1221 Chess drive, Foster City, CA

Who: Stephan Piscano and Roger Noujeim at SJREI Mid-Peninsula Meeting

Keynote and Start: ListedBy. 7:00 PM

Registration: >>>>>