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The Best Of Investing Radio Show From January 11th CEO of Stephan Piscano

Best of Investing Radio Show January 11, 2014 guest Stephan Piscano

Stephan Piscano reviews the benefits of the site and a lot of exciting updates on the real estate industry



The Freeway To Listing Data – Foreclosures, Auctions And Otherwise

Open Access To Data and Buyer/Seller Information

What is mind boggling is that we as an industry have struggled for years trying to figure how to move distressed inventory. Mind boggling because we have consistently hid the data behind cumbersome registration pages and access fees, and charged huge buyer premiums at auctions. To think that these are all strategies designed to move inventory is somewhat hard to believe. Open access rather, should be the path.

To top it all, many consumer portals and sites have made it tough for buyers to connect with listing agents or sellers, by giving preferred placement to their own internal agents next to the listing, if that’s their business model. Others featured and continue to feature alternative agents based on a paid advertising model, in the process keeping the true representing agent who knows the seller and the property best, and can answer questions more swiftly and accurately, at bay and harder to reach.

Such and other practices have either delayed or outright derailed potential transactions, and to this day continue to hinder wider, more efficient buyer participation so the assimilation of inventory may proceed at a more healthy pace.

We’re excited to announce that we have unlocked access to all listings on ListedBy, specifically because giving real estate buyers and sellers immediate and open access to listings and to each others’ contact information is core to ListedBy’s vision for the site and the industry as a whole. We see this as becoming the norm for all real estate property portals and real estate auction companies.

As always, we appreciate our users’ feedback and suggestions. Giving everyone instant access to all listings on once again is the results of your valued input. Now anyone can research MLS listings across the country, residential and commercial. The same goes for all distressed properties including REO auctions, government real estate auctions, residential real estate auctions, commercial real estate auctions and all other public real estate auctions and Buy Now/Best Offer listings that are active on


Transparency In Real Estate – Key Message at SJREI Mid-Peninsula Meeting

The Three Pillars Of Change

The main message we delivered through our presentation (SJREI021313) at the SJREI (San Jose Real Estate Investors) two days ago was that transparency, or its lack thereof, is a critical catalyst that is preventing the industry from being what it can be, and the real estate professional, agent or investor, from being as efficient and productive as they should be. The underlying force being that a new paradigm shift in real estate is in underway, fueled by consumer insight, powered by technology and new business models.

We stressed and showed how these models will threaten the existence of organizations, large and small, that refuse to notice the oncoming change and tune in to new consumer expectations in how the real estate business is handled, especially online.

This would include real estate auction companies and real estate auction sites, sites that enable REO auctions and real estate government auctions, and organizations dealing in any shape or form with public real estate auctions or foreclosures and distressed property data and listings.

Notwithstanding, regular consumer portals were discussed in the same context, be it publicly traded companies or startup. That the threat is real.

The good news was that the undercurrent also brings with it potentially huge opportunities for those same organizations who tune in to the change and adapt, as many have magnificently done over the years.

Within the context of a session meant to explain to experienced real estate investors what is, we took the path of focusing on industry concerns that when addressed by platforms and open environments such as, should result in far greater efficiencies (operational and cost) and productivity for the investor and anyone engaged in the buying and selling of real assets. This, on the premise that all technology we elect to deploy in business is meant to enhance one or the other, in some shape or form.

The paradigm shift would consist of three key pillars with transparency at its core. From these new levels of transparency, the benefits far greater efficiencies and productivity will be drawn. Lack of transparency, today a detriment to economic growth and sales productivity will be replaced with an environment where full transparency is an expectation. Vis:

- Open access to listing data, REO, distressed and regular assets included. Hiding data behind cumbersome registration pages and fees will no longer be an option.
- Actual listing reps featured. The challenge of not being able to instantly see who the true seller or representative is, and not being able to access their contact information, will do more damage to the site or portal exercising such a strategy, than it would do them good.
- Bidding and bidder transparency. Shil bidding (bidding that is used to artificially inflate the price of a certain item), and transparency in being able to see who is bidding and who wins a bid, will become the norm.
Improved cost efficiencies would be delivered in a number of forms including:
- Free auctions
- Free access to listings
- No buyer premiums
- No registration fees
- No brokerage fees

We have a long way before everyone buying and selling real estate realize how deep the benefits of transparency would run within an organization, and how much of a boost in operational and sales productivity such transparency and access to information can drive.

If participant feedback at the session was any indication, the thinking behind is definitely something more and more real estate professionals will be gravitating to.

ListedBy How-To Videos Now Online

ListedBy How To Video Series

A nice and short set of videos is now available to take you through all key areas and tasks on ListedBy. If you have any questions that the videos do not address, please drop us a note here.

Watch The Videos

Public Real Estate Auctions Site ListedBy Launches Service Providers Directory

ListedBy’s Service Providers Module Enables National Search For Real Estate Related Services

An exciting development for all ListedBy users and site visitors today, as well as for service providers who offer services to the real estate industry in the U.S.

We just launched the Service Providers section of the site, which allows ListedBy users to research and find services related to real estate from across the country. If anything, the Service Providers module roll out is another example of our commitment to making the place for everything real estate.

Whether it’s painters, movers, insurance providers or any other service, and whether you know the area or if you are from out of town or out of state, this is a key peg in helping you to find and get information about the services that you need, at a local level, as you make either an investment decision or need a service for your own property.

As a service provider, the exposure is entirely free. Just drop by the Service Providers page and add your company to gain exposure. We’ve also added enhanced placement options, which gets your company to the top of the search results in the states of your choice.

Here is the full announcement released earlier today on the wire:

Public Real Estate Auctions Site ListedBy Launches Service Providers Directory

Self-Managed Search Database Gives ListedBy Users Access to Information on Local Real Estate Related Services, and for Service Providers, Free Exposure and Leads

NAPA, Calif. – January 28, 2012 – ListedBy (, the first free online real estate marketplace and social network with live bidding public real estate auctions and ‘Best Offer’ functionality today announced the launch of its Service Providers module, a self-managed, self-populated directory designed to give ListedBy users convenient access to information on local real estate related services across the United States.

“As a platform that truly stands out among other real estate sites and real estate auction companies, part of our mission at ListedBy is to constantly elevate user experience and value,” said Stephan Piscano, CEO and Founder, ListedBy. “Whether it’s homeowners, buyers and sellers, or investors involved in REO auctions, government auctions and regular assets, identifying and connecting with local service providers is an on-going requirement. ListedBy is now positioned to deliver on this need like no other site online.”

Free to join, the ListedBy Service Providers tool is organically populated and currently covers all U.S. states and territories. International search is planned for release later this year.

Service providers can join the new directory at Additional categories can be requested through the company’s online Forum.

Enhanced placement in the directory is available as an option in one of two packages offered at $50.00 per month per state, or for $248.00 dollars per state for a full year subscription.

 # # #


The 2013 Real Estate Market

Stephan Piscano. CEO and Founder, ListedBy

Interest Rates, Real Estate Auction Companies, Inventory, Inflation, Pricing Predictions

What we think you will see and how we recommend you act on it!

As my real estate mentor always did tell me, “My opinion and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee.” But for all those who care to listen, here is the way that I see the real estate market as a whole going in 2013, and some strategies that in my humble opinion could benefit our users.

To start, I will give some background to my opinions and what I have done so far to capitalize on the market. At the end of the year in 2011 and the beginning of this year 2012 I told all of my friends, clients and all those who would listen that I strongly believed that the bottom of the market had come and gone and that we would look back at 2012 and ask how much did we capitalize on it.  If you look at the stats and all of the trends, that has proven to be true.  The market nationally has started a slow rebound, and as predicted, the areas hit hardest by the crash such as Las Vegas, NV, and here in California have rebounded the strongest.  With hopes that this would happen, I started investing very heavily in Las Vegas in July 2011 and since that point the market as a whole there is up 37%!  My thought process has remained the same for the market as a whole in 2013 as there are still exceptional buys out there on a national level and in some of these key regions like CA and Las Vegas, and while they may not be the 15% cap rate rental properties that we saw every day for a while, the ROIs are still dramatically better than what you would get in the bank and once again I strongly believe you will see continued upswing in the market in 2013 and beyond.  There are two possibilities for the market that I see that both result in pricing rising:

Possibility #1: The economy crashes hard once again and the fiscal cliff destroys the markets:

This, believe it or not, could result in house prices going dramatically higher, as if this happened it is likely that we would see some form of rapid-inflation which although a slow process would ultimately hit the housing market.  This means house prices would go up not so much because the house is worth more, but rather because the dollar is worth less.  This means that condo you bought for $90K could and will likely someday be worth $1 million just like how a house you bought for $2,600 in 1944 would be worth dramatically more today.  Inflation always happens and it always at some point hits the real estate market.  It is simply a question of how long that will take.  If the economy crashed and we had another dip in the market briefly, it would create another exceptional buying opportunity before inflation kicks in and you can see that exceptional long term growth.

If this happened, the way to capitalize on it is by having as much leverage as possible.  So instead of buying one rental property cash for $200,000, you would want to buy 10 rental properties with 10% down and maximize your leverage so you can pay off the loans with cheap dollars.  It can be a bit in-depth so if you have questions about this email me through my user profile on and we can go in to some extra stats and detail.

Possibility #2: The economy and the markets get a bit better

This obviously results in having the economy and the market in a better condition, which helps buyers to have the resources needed to purchase, which should continue a slow upswing in home prices and purchases as a whole as we grow.  Also, note that many Americans with foreclosures that happened in 2008 will now have more than 5 yrs since that foreclosure, which for many is enough time to rebound their finances to be able to buy another home, which will also help the market.

As you can see, the stats and the details seem to point towards a strong market recovery regardless of the economy as a whole which is obviously great extra security for all of us who invest in real estate.  I think that it is likely that you will see a combination of the two where the economy stays well and we see some rapid inflation also, which is why in 2013, I will be trying to buy as many units as I can the same way that I did in 2012 hopefully with the same result!

Accelerating Negotiations in Real Estate

Online auction accelerates sales by significantly cutting down negotiations time.

Online auction accelerates sales by significantly cutting down negotiations time consumed in traditional buying and selling.

Breaking it down to a few of the many time intensive components of a traditional transaction that selling or buying through online auction alleviates or eliminates:

- Playing telephone tag

- Recording and accessing voice mails

- Drafting and chasing all the email correspondence

- Traveling back and forth to personal meetings with a seller’s or buyer’s agent and their customers

- The direct involvement of actual buyers or sellers in the negotiations process

Instead, use new online auction technology to negotiate multiple initial tender offers at the same time. Click to present offers, click to counter, reject or accept offers. It’s that easy and takes just seconds.

As to what real estate auction sites are best, always go for the entirely free venues. Ensure that these also do not charge any buyer’s premium, which traditional online or on location auctioneers still charge to this day. This fee can reach up to ten percent over and above the value of the property.

Avoiding Registration Fees At Real Estate Auctions – ListedBy KNOWLEDGE CENTRE

By eliminating auction fees, more money is left to go towards a property

Most traditional real estate auction companies and real estate auction sites still charge bidders a registration fee, on top of the Buyer’s Premium* that alone can reach a whopping 10 percent of the property value.

The key to maximizing the value of a home selling at auction is to attract more bidders. Applying such fees can have the opposite effect, compromising the asset value and the home seller in the process.

By eliminating all auction registration fees, more bidders are enticed to participate. By removing the Buyer’s Premium as well, more money is left in buyer pockets to go towards the purchase instead of the organization that is running the auction.

* Buyer’s Premium – A traditional practice that new free online real estate auction business models such as are eliminating. Also referred to as a Buyer’s Penalty, or the fee that a winning bidder must pay over and above the price of the subject property. The premium is typically between two and ten percent of the asset value.

Download your copy of the ListedBy – Real Estate Auction Primer for Consumers printable booklet, for more information about auction terminology.