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Why Video Based Marketing Can Send Your Business Skyrocketing

video based marketing

Imagine being able to instantly increase your average website visitor’s stay by 720 percent. Or instead of the average eight second scan of your email before it is discarded, 65 percent of your email recipients viewing a video email from you in its entirety. Now that’s engaging prospects and clients. It gets better. Think about these statistics: 70 percent of ...

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The 2013 Real Estate Market

2013 real estate market

Interest Rates, Real Estate Auction Companies, Inventory, Inflation, Pricing Predictions What we think you will see and how we recommend you act on it! As my real estate mentor always did tell me, “My opinion and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee.” But for all those who care to listen, here is the way that I see ...

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Accelerating Negotiations in Real Estate

accelerating real estate negotiations

Online auction accelerates sales by significantly cutting down negotiations time consumed in traditional buying and selling. Breaking it down to a few of the many time intensive components of a traditional transaction that selling or buying through online auction alleviates or eliminates: - Playing telephone tag - Recording and accessing voice mails - Drafting and chasing all the email correspondence ...

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