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How Much More Can Your Property Sell For?

how much can your property sell for

How much more can I get for my property is a question that every home seller thinks hard about. The answer of course depends on many things, including time of year that you plan to sell, if the market is hot or cold, and if you are prepared to do any renovations ahead of listing the house. In a recent ...

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Top Ten Home Renovations And Features Desired By Buyers

top ten home renovations

If you plan to sell your home, an online auction will likely generate a bidding competition and fetch a price higher than you or your REALTOR anticipated. However, there are also features and upgrades that buyers value and are willing to pay extra to get. Discuss these ideas with your family and real estate agent, as completing one or more ...

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Lose The Shades!

trust me -- lose the shades

How can you truly trust someone when you can’t see their eyes? If any business is a people business, it is real estate. Real estate auctions expert or not, an agent depends on networking to build their client roster and a solid referral network, over time. The first order of business is to build familiarity and trust with people we ...

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Flipping the Traditional Real Estate Auction Revenue Model On Its Head

real estate auction

We’ve spoken quite a bit recently about the restrictive and compromising nature of the traditional real estate auction revenue model. Auctioneers generate their revenue mainly through a brokerage fee referred to as a Buyer’s Premium. This fee, typically between 2 and 10 percent of the value of the property, is added to the final purchasing price that a buyer must ...

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ListedBy Releases Real Estate Auction Guide for Consumers

real estate auction guide

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new consumer handbook on real estate auctions, ListedBy – Real Estate Auction Primer for Consumers. One of the terminologies explained in the booklet, which will be available for download right here within this blog post next week, is Transparency. Transparency is one of the key advantages of real estate auctions, specifically online ...

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