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The 2014 Real Estate Market

2014 real estate outlook

What we think you will see and how we recommend you act on it in the coming new year! As my real estate mentor always did tell me, “My opinion and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee.” But for all those who care to listen, here is the way that I see the real estate market as ...

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Why Some Agents Get All The Calls

why some real estate agents get tons of calls

Imagine that you have a Bentley you want to sell. The car has been parked for a year, kid stuff on the back seat. Cleats, some dirt, coloring pens and paper, and fast food wrappings. In the front, some used up tissue paper still sits in the console area, the sun glasses nearby and the phone charger dangles. Before you ...

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Path To Paperless

paperless real estate transactions

We’re undeniably making great strides towards a paperless environment in real estate. With investors snapping up REO auctions and traditional listings, even sight unseen, the last thing high volume or frequent buyers and sellers want is to get bogged down with paperwork and unnecessary back and forth. These investors view this as a complete waste of time. Lost sheets, missing ...

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Online Real Estate Auction Sites Traffic From February

online real estate traffic to auction sites

It seems that there is a little bit of competition heating up in the online real estate auction sites battle for the top spot, according to stats.  Newcomer entered the race for the top spot with site record Web traffic for February 2013 with more than 50,000 visitors coming to the site during the month, putting it slightly ...

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Agent Responsiveness Remains Lax – Edge For Six Percent

agent responsiveness

While the figure indicated above may not be statistically valid, it should nonetheless worry brokers and raise some flags. Mainly because it is based on a real, recent experience a close business partner of mine had when attempting to purchase investment properties. Another reason for concern is that responsiveness has been an ongoing issue in the industry. Considering it is ...

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