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How Much More Can Your Property Sell For?

Auction Can Significantly Boost The Sale Price Of A Property

How much more can I get for my property is a question that every home seller thinks hard about.

The answer of course depends on many things, including time of year that you plan to sell, if the market is hot or cold, and if you are prepared to do any renovations ahead of listing the house.

In a recent post in the LB Social Forum we listed the top ten features and upgrades you’d want to do and how much more buyers are willing to pay for each.

However, at any time during the year, working with your REALTOR to sell your home using the auction strategy can yield magnificent results.

Certainly the auction process must be handled and marketed well to start, as REALTORS do on any of the traditional deals they represent. That’s a must. All done right, it is not unusual for properties to sell for up to 10 percent, 20 percent or even more, than the reserve listing price.

That’s one good reason to list and sell via auction, versus going the traditional route.

If you are considering selling your property, speak with your real estate agent about auctions. Progressive sites like cater to real estate auctions, be it distressed properties, REOs, traditional residential real estate auctions or public commercial auctions, completely free of charge for sellers, their REALTORS and buyers.

The Freeway To Listing Data – Foreclosures, Auctions And Otherwise

Open Access To Data and Buyer/Seller Information

What is mind boggling is that we as an industry have struggled for years trying to figure how to move distressed inventory. Mind boggling because we have consistently hid the data behind cumbersome registration pages and access fees, and charged huge buyer premiums at auctions. To think that these are all strategies designed to move inventory is somewhat hard to believe. Open access rather, should be the path.

To top it all, many consumer portals and sites have made it tough for buyers to connect with listing agents or sellers, by giving preferred placement to their own internal agents next to the listing, if that’s their business model. Others featured and continue to feature alternative agents based on a paid advertising model, in the process keeping the true representing agent who knows the seller and the property best, and can answer questions more swiftly and accurately, at bay and harder to reach.

Such and other practices have either delayed or outright derailed potential transactions, and to this day continue to hinder wider, more efficient buyer participation so the assimilation of inventory may proceed at a more healthy pace.

We’re excited to announce that we have unlocked access to all listings on ListedBy, specifically because giving real estate buyers and sellers immediate and open access to listings and to each others’ contact information is core to ListedBy’s vision for the site and the industry as a whole. We see this as becoming the norm for all real estate property portals and real estate auction companies.

As always, we appreciate our users’ feedback and suggestions. Giving everyone instant access to all listings on once again is the results of your valued input. Now anyone can research MLS listings across the country, residential and commercial. The same goes for all distressed properties including REO auctions, government real estate auctions, residential real estate auctions, commercial real estate auctions and all other public real estate auctions and Buy Now/Best Offer listings that are active on